Vocamus Writers Community Authors

Madhur Anand

MADHUR ANAND is a scientist and poet.

Ann Clayton

ANN CLAYTON is a poet and literary critic specializing in women writers of Canada and South Africa.

Nick Dinka

NICK DINKA is a novelist, community volunteer, and library PR flack.

Ajay Heble

AJAY HEBLE is an author and musician.

Stephen Henighan

STEPHEN HENIGHAN is a novelist, critic, and translator.

Karen Houle

KAREN HOULE is a poet and a professor of philosophy (at the University of Guelph).

David J. Knight

DAVID J. KNIGHT is the General Editor of Vocamus Editions, an imprint that promotes the literary heritage of Guelph, Ontario.

Larry Peterson

DR. LARRY PETERSON is a writer of books on botany.

Corrie Shoemaker

CORRIE SHOEMAKER is a writer of both academic and creative writing.

Aleksei Vanhee

ALEKSEI VANHEE is a writer of poetry.