Vocamus Writers Community Authors

Kate Anderson-…

KATE ANDERSON-BERNIER is a writer of fiction.

Karen Campbell

KAREN CAMPBELL is a writer of thriller novels.

D. L. Castle

D.L. Castle is a memoirist and fiction writer.

Lisa Dalrymple

LISA DALRYMPLE is a writer of picture books, novels and non-fiction for kids.

Douglas Davey

DOUGLAS DAVEY is a writer of literary YA fiction.

Nick Dinka

NICK DINKA is a novelist, community volunteer, and library PR flack.

Sheri Doyle

SHERI DOYLE is a freelance writer and editor, an author of poetry and fiction, and Director of Communications at Friends of Vocamus Press.


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Gloria Ferris

GLORIA FERRIS is a writer of mysteries with a twist of humour.

Jack Florek

JACK FLOREK is a novelist and a playwright.

Martina Freitag

MARTINA FREITAG is a writer of creative non-fiction, memoir, biography, novels, and poetry.

Joy Lynn Goddard

JOY LYNN GODDARD is a writer of fiction for pre-teens, teens, and adults.

Joanne Guidoccio

JOANNE GUIDOCCIO is a writer of paranormal romance novels.

Michael Hale

MICHAEL HALE is a writer of speculative fiction.

Chris Harris

C.P.D. harris is a writer of epic fantasy.

Stephen Henighan

STEPHEN HENIGHAN is a novelist, critic, and translator.

Jeremy Luke Hill

JEREMY LUKE HILL is the publisher at Vocamus Press and the Managing Director at Friends of Vocamus Press.

Paul Hock

PAUL HOCK is an author, songwriter, and illustartor.

Adam Lindsay H…

ADAM LINDSAY HONSINGER is a writer, teacher, illustrator, and musician.

Kasia Jaronczyk

KASIA JARONCZYK is a writer of literary short stories and novels.

Barbara Kyle

BARBARA KYLE is a best-selling author of historical fiction and contemporary thrillers.

Albert Marsolais

ALBERT MARSOLAIS is a writer of historical mysteries.

Maureen McIntyre

MAUREEN MCINTYRE is a writer of romance novels for seniors.

Richard McLeish

RICHARD MCLEISH is an author of thriller novels.

Daved Muttart

Daved Muttart is a writer of adult fiction.

C. S. O'Cinneide

C. S. O'CINNEIDE is a writer of literary thrillers.

Rob O'Flanagan

ROB O'FLANAGAN is a journalist and poet. He is the co-author of OPEN UP THE SKY: A POETIC CONVERSATION.

Andrea Perry

ANDREA PERRY is a poet and novelist. She released her debut collection of poetry, RISE, in 2016.

Jerry Prager

JERRY PRAGER is a writer of poetry, novels, and history.

Karen Ralph

KAREN RALPH is a writer of novels and short fiction.

Greg Rhyno

GREG RHYNO is an author of literary novels and poetry.

Corrie Shoemaker

CORRIE SHOEMAKER is a writer of both academic and creative writing.

Bieke Stengos

BIEKE STENGOS is a writer of poetry and fiction. Her first collection of poetry published in Canada was ABANDONED BY THE MUSE.

Claire Tacon

CLAIRE TACON is a writer of literary fiction.

Jamie Tremain

JAMIE TREMAIN is the author of mystery novels.

Autumn Walker-Duncan

AUTUMN WALKER-DUNCAN is an author, illustrator, and graphic novelist.

Donna Warner

DONNA WARNER is an author of thriller novels.

Rio Youers

RIO YOUERS is an author of thriller and horror novels.