Vocamus Writers Community Authors

Nicole Abouhalka

NICOLE ABOUHALKA is an author of short fiction and memoir.

Lindsay Brant-…

LINDSAY BRANT-BRUMWELL is an author of children's stories and self-help books.

Lisa Dalrymple

LISA DALRYMPLE is a writer of picture books, novels and non-fiction for kids.

Heather Embree

HEATHER EMBREE is a writer of children's books.

Christina Evans

CHRISTINA EVANS is a writer of children's books, humour, and cartoons.

Alyssa Foulkes

ALYSSA FOULKES is a writer of fiction and children's literature.

Jeremy Luke Hill

JEREMY LUKE HILL is the publisher at Vocamus Press and the Managing Director at Friends of Vocamus Press.

Paul Hock

PAUL HOCK is an author, songwriter, and illustartor.

Garth Laidlaw

GARTH LAIDLAW is a writer of graphic novels and children's literature.

Sherry Lee

SHERRY LEE is an author of children's books and the Children's Literature Coordinator for Friends of Vocamus Press.

Kim Davids Mandar

KIM DAVIDS MANDAR is a writer of poetry and children's literature.

Barbara Mathews

BARBARA SALSBERG MATHEWS is a children's author, artist, and illustrator.

Michelle Nogueira

MICHELLE NOGUIERA is a writer of children's non-fiction.

Corrie Shoemaker

CORRIE SHOEMAKER is a writer of both academic and creative writing.

Jorey Tessier

JOREY TESSIER is a writer of chidlren's literature.

Kira Vermond

KIRA VERMOND is a writer of non-fiction books for childreen and pre-teens.

Autumn Walker-Duncan

AUTUMN WALKER-DUNCAN is an author, illustrator, and graphic novelist.

Mark Whoachickie

MARK WHOACHICKIE is a writer of children's literature.

Janice Wiseman

JANICE WISEMAN is a writer of plays and children's literature.