Vocamus Writers Community Authors

Alison Bruce

ALISON BRUCE is a writer of mysteries, romantic suspense, and historical western romance.

Karen Campbell

KAREN CAMPBELL is a writer of thriller novels.

Cheryl Cowtan

CHERYL R COWTAN is an award-winning educator and author whose love of writing shines through in her fiction and non-fiction works.

Gloria Ferris

GLORIA FERRIS is a writer of mysteries with a twist of humour.

Michael Hale

MICHAEL HALE is a writer of speculative fiction.

Richard McLeish

RICHARD MCLEISH is an author of thriller novels.

C. S. O'Cinneide

C. S. O'CINNEIDE is a writer of literary thrillers.

Jamie Tremain

JAMIE TREMAIN is the author of mystery novels.

Donna Warner

DONNA WARNER is an author of thriller novels.

Rio Youers

RIO YOUERS is an author of thriller and horror novels.