Heather Warren

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Heather Warren has self-published two children’s book and a spiritual memoir. The Stellar Queen of Oaxaca is her first children's book based on her travels in Oaxaca City, Mexico and celebrates the beauty and culture of Mexico. The main character is visually impaired who leads the community and declares the day "Close Your Eyes, Open Your Heart Day".

Her second children's book is Max's Marvelous Moustache about her dog Max who is sick and tired of being called "cute" and wants to be taken seriously. It's an anti-bullying book and a book for those who love moustaches. 

Her third book is a spiritual memoir called Being Wyrd: a Medium's Personal Experiences of the Invisible Realm

Heather also is a public speaker and life coach who serves women who want to get their mojo back after relationship stress and breakups. 

Heather’s Email – heather@blossomingheart.ca
Heather’s Website - www.blossomingheart.ca

The Stellar Queen of Oaxaca

Being Weird: A Medium's Personal Experiences of the Invisible Realm

Max's Marvellous Moustache