Burl Levine

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BURL LEVINE is a longtime resident of Guelph, Ontario, and has been involved in creative writing since graduating from Wilfrid Laurier University. During his 25-year career as an English professor at Conestoga College, he taught courses in Canadian literature, business communication, report writing, and academic upgrading. He has been offering proofreading and editing services on a full-time basis since 1996.

Burl has participated in poetry readings at various venues such as the Eden Mills Writers Festival, the Festival of Coffeehouse Poets, The Bookshelf, and Wordfest. His works have appeared in periodicals such as The Sovereign, Good Times, and Tone and in literary anthologies such as On the Threshold and Words and Wonders. In 1994, he received the St. James’ Court Award at the Orillia International Poetry Festival.


Insight Out (Inklings, 2016)
Groan-Up Humour (Inklings, 2015)
Diverse Verse (Inklings, 2012)
A Queue of Haikus (Inklings, 2010)
Inklings About Relationships (Inklings, 1991)

Writings by Burl Levine