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EDWARD BUTTS is the author of numerous books, including Murder, Line of Fire, Running With Dillinger, True Canadian Unsolved Mysteries, and The Desperate Ones, which was nominated for the Arthur Ellis Award.

He has a Bachelor of Independent Studies from the University of Waterloo, where he was a founder of the university’s literary magazine, The New Quarterly.

He lives in Guelph, Ontario.



Pirates & Outlaws of Canada (with Harold Horwood), historical non-fiction, 1984; Doubleday, re-published 2003 Lynx Images

Bandits & Privateers: Canada in the Age of Gunpowder (with Harold Horwood), historical non-fiction, 1987, Doubleday

Buffalo: A Fable of the West, fiction, 1998. (quasi-book publication) Colombo & Co.

The Prime Ministers of Canada, sound recording, lyrics (with Blaine Selkirk), 2001, Sara Jordan

Idioms for Aliens: A Grammar Revue of Plays and Verse, humour, 2003, Maupin House (USA) *

Outlaws of the Lakes: Bootlegging and Smuggling From Colonial Times to Prohibition, historical non-fiction, 2004, Lynx Images

She Dared, historical non-fiction, 2005, Tundra

Funky Phonics, sound recording, lyrics, 2005, Sara Jordan

Guiding Lights, Tragic Shadows: Tales of Great Lakes Lighthouses, historical non-fiction, 2005, Lynx Images

True Canadian Disaster Stories, historical non-fiction, 2006, Prospero/Key Porter *

The Desperate Ones: Forgotten Canadian Outlaws, historical non-fiction, 2006, Dundurn  (A)

True Canadian Unsolved Mysteries, historical non-fiction, 2007, Prospero/Key Porter *

True Stories of Canadian Battlefields, historical non-fiction, 2007, Prospero/Key Porter *

SOS: Stories of Survival, historical non-fiction, 2007, Tundra  (A)

Singing Sight Words, sound recording, lyrics, 2007, Sara Jordan

Running With Dillinger: The Story of Red Hamilton and Other Forgotten Canadian Outlaws, historical non-fiction, 2008, Dundurn

X Doesn’t Mark the Spot, historical non-fiction, 2008, Tundra

True Canadian Explorers, historical non-fiction, 2008, Prospero/Key Porter *

All About Weddings, non-fiction, information and trivia (pen name Ellen Bell) 2008, Dundurn

Line of Fire, historical non-fiction, 2009, Dundurn

Henry Hudson: New World Voyager, biography, 2009, Dundurn

Ghost Stories of Newfoundland and Labrador, paranormal nonfiction, 2010, Dundurn

Shipwrecks, Monsters and Mysteries of the Great Lakes, historical nonfiction, 2010, Tundra  (A)

Murder: Twelve True Stories of Homicide in Canada, historical nonfiction, 2011, Dundurn

Simon Girty: Wilderness Warrior, biography, 2011, Dundurn

Bodyguards: From Gladiators to the Secret Service, juvenile non-fiction, 2012, Annick  (A)

Sheridan Nurseries: One Hundred Years of People, Plans, and Plants (with Karl Stensson), historical nonfiction, 2012, Dundurn

Wrong Side of the Law: True Stories of Crime, historical non-fiction, 2013, Dundurn

Behind the Badge, juvenile non-fiction, 2014, Annick

Rum, Blood & Treasure: Stories Strange and True from Atlantic Canada, historical non-fiction, 2016, Formac

Bandits & Renegades, true crime, 2016, RJ Parker Publishing

Wartime: The First World War in a Canadian Town, historical non-fiction, 2017, James Lorimer & Co. Ltd.

This Withering Disease of Conflict: A Canadian Soldier's Chronicle of the First World War, non-fiction, Guelph Historical Society, 2022

This Game of War, YA fiction, Ronsdale Press, 2022

Titles by Edward Butts