Elaine Uskoski

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ELAINE USKOSKI is an Author, Speaker, and Holistic Health Practitioner. She has an extensive background in social services and over seventeen years of clinical experience.

As the mother of two adult sons, Elaine realized that there is a gap between parenting one’s child and parenting one’s adult child, that isn’t easy to navigate for either parent or adult child. She began her journey of writing and researching to help bridge this gap and wrote her first non-fiction book, Seeing Through the Cracks, as it unfolded. As she was writing this book, Elaine also discovered something she never imagined … her son is a Video Gaming Addict, and again she needed to find the answers, help her son, and continue her parenting journey.

Elaine lives with her husband, in Guelph. She now speaks in schools and mental health forums, sharing her story and creating awareness on Video Gaming Disorder.

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Seeing Through the Cracks (2018)