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FRED DAWKINS is a successful entrepreneur with significant achievements in manufacturing, retail, land development and import/export. The most recognizable of his accomplishments came as co-founder of the old Hide House in Acton Ontario. Fred graduated from the University of Toronto in Commerce and Finance, for which he won the W.E. Rundle gold medal, and followed with a Master’s degree in Economics. Business has allowed him to travel extensively around the world, building long term friendships in the process. Exposure to developing economies and alternative religions and principles, have shaped his philosophy and outlook regarding both politics and economics.

Fred has published three books on entrepreneurship — Everyday Entrepreneur, Family Entrepreneur, and Ageless Entrepreneur — that provide insight and advice to readers through readable and accessible case stories. He has also published a book of science fiction — 20 /20 Hindsight — that explores a near future where government has collapsed and left people to find new ways of surviving.

Fred lives in Guelph, Ontario.

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Ageless Entrepreneur (forthcoming from Dundurn Press, 2015)
Family Entrepreneur (Dundurn Press, 2014)
Everyday Entrepreneur (Dundurn Press, 2013)
2020 Hindsight (Binkley and McLeod, 2011)