Garth Laidlaw

Community Genre

GARTH LAIDLAW lives in Guelph, Ontario where, among other things, he writes and illustrate stories. He’s eternally curious, and tries his best to infuse his stories and illustrations with fragments of his own life experiences. He hopes in the future to tell stories through a variety of mediums like animated short films, or animated storybooks.

In order to defeat the almighty creative block, he takes long walks, listens to music, and always enjoys a good cup of tea.  Aside from children’s books, he also creates short animations and illustrates board games. Garth also teaches art, animation, and storytelling and runs weekly figure drawing sessions for his community. Find him on Patreon to where you can help support his next project.

Garth’s Website
Garth’s Patreon Site

Paperless (Garth Laidlaw, ongoing)
Sayni and the Windowjet Brothers (Friesen Press, 2016)