Heather Embree

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HEATHER EMBREE has published a children’s book, The Stellar Queen of Oaxaca, which is an art project that aims to raise awareness and create social change for children and those with disabilities living in economic poverty in Oaxaca City, Mexico.

She has more than five years of experience as an arts administrator with various writers’ organizations in Toronto, with the most interesting one as the Canada Book Day Coordinator with the Writers’ Trust of Canada. She is an advocate for women who choose to be child-free but is a great supporter of nurturing the inner child and kind treatment towards children around the world. She has a Marketing degree which she has used for benevolent purposes, including her current business as a holistic and spiritual healing practitioner. Fun, imagination, living from the heart and spreading compassion is her main purpose in life.

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The Stellar Queen of Oaxaca (Saplings, 2016)

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