JENNIFER VETTOR is a story-teller who lives a quiet life in Elora, Ontario with her husband. Working as a Reiki Master, her passion is writing provocative novels, with richly developed characters her readers will root for. She believes a good story is one readers will relate to long after the last page has turned.

For several years, Jennifer has been ghost-writing for a popular USA Today bestselling author. This positive experience has allowed her to build confidence while honing her skills. Now that her children have launched into their own lives, she has more time to focus on telling stories.

She has penned three novels, 'Fated' and 'This Aint No Rom-Com', and her latest 'The Joy Dilemma', but look for more titles in the future.You can find her novels on Kobo and Amazon.

Fated (2019)

This Ain't No Rom-Com (2020)

The Joy Dilemma (2023)