Judith Colbert

JUDITH COLBERT, PhD, is a Guelph author and publisher. Under her own imprint, Fairmeadow, she publishes books in two areas. In the first, her books arise from her professional activities as an early care and education consultant and training specialist, with a particular focus on programming for young immigrant and refugee children. While these books are also of general interest, they are particularly relevant for teachers, counsellors and other professionals who support young children and their families. Titles include, Welcoming Newcomer Children: The Settlement of Young Immigrants and Refugees and Child Health Across Cultures: The Health, Well-Being and Special Needs of Children from Diverse Cultures. Her latest book, Judgment in Action: The Regulatory Process, will be of interest to those who regulate human care services, including early childhood programs for children from diverse backgrounds.

In the second area, her books are an extension of her life-long interest in her roots and the history of the rural Ontario village in which she grew up. These include When Christmas Came to the Village and When the School Came to the Village, two books in a planned five-book series about life in the former Village of Hyde Park, now part of the City of London, Ontario. Most recently, she launched Going Home: Tipperary Roots, the story of her discovery of her family’s roots in Ireland and the similarities she found between the London Township of her childhood and Tipperary where her ancestors left in 1830.

Judith is known for her work in support of quality programming for children throughout Canada and the United States and she is a frequent conference presenter.


Judgment in Action (Fairmeadow, forthcoming October 2014)
Child Health across Cultures (Fairmeadow, 2014)
Bell-Smith at Alma (Fairmeadow, 2013)
F. M. Bell-Smith: A Canadian Pioneer (Fairmeadow, 2013)
Going Home: Tipperary Roots (Fairmeadow, 2013)
When the School Came to the Village (Fairmeadow, 2013)
When Christmas Came to the Village (Fairmeadow, 2011)
Welcoming Newcomer Children (Fairmeadow, 2010)