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ROBERT LYON is a clergyman assisting at St Jude Guelph.  He taught English, Classics, and science at John F. Ross CVI in Guelph and Centre Wellington DHS in Fergus.  He also served as an officer in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve, retiring in the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel.  His main interest is apologetics, and for several years he wrote a Sunday column in  His current project is tentatively titled Don’t Throw Out Your Bible.
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Master Cadet Handbook.  (Graphikos, 1983-1997 o/p)
The Sign of Jonah: The Empirical Basis for Christian Faith.  (Graphikos, 2012)
Science, History, and the Birth of Jesus.  (Graphikos, 2015)

Korean Affair.  Major Don Randall.  (Graphikos, 2003).
First Footings: Anthology of Student Writing. (Centre Wellington DHS, 1980,-82,-85,-90)