Trish Heyes

Community Genre

TRISH HEYES is a writer of fiction, poetry and personal essays.

The flavour of her writing is steeped in the deep appreciation she has for the fleeting nature of life, and the singular opportunity we all have to savor the richness within every moment. 

Her education  includes a Bachelor’s degree in English and  Religion and Culture, a Class 1 Funeral Director’s License and post graduate diploma in crisis and trauma intervention and counseling. She is also qualified to teach English as a Foreign Language. Trish has  spent her career witnessing and sharing stories at the end of life which has deeply impacted her writing.

Previously her poems have been published in multiple editions of Quills and Ascent Aspirations magazines.  Her essays have been published by One Thousand Trees and online with ThoughtCatalog.  Currently she has two draft novels set for final editing, and is preparing poetry for publication. Trish is an experienced facilitator in bringing out your creative spirit.

Writings by Trish Heyes