W.C. Hilgers

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W.C. HILGERS personally experienced the shock, stress, confusion and fear of being a ‘first timer’ in the criminal justice system. This happened as a consequence of a series of bad choices, a hidden addiction spanning decades, and having a bipolar mental health condition that went undiagnosed and untreated until a manic episode. Suddenly caught up in the criminal justice system, Hilgers and his family searched for information that would help them understand what to expect and, in particular, how to survive jail. That information didn’t yet exist for him, so each day he struggled through the system, not knowing what to expect next.

After being incarcerated, and during the period of rebuilding his life, Hilgers has been able to use his experience to assist some men facing jail, and their families, to know what to expect, and how to stay safe in jail. As well, he provides recommendations for rebuilding their lives. Hilgers’ decision to write this book was motivated by a simple desire to:

– Help men and women who are ‘first timers’
– Educate youth about the realities of jail
– Educate the public what goes on inside jails
– Tell his personal testimony of God’s miracle working power, and grace

During his incarceration the author experienced a profound spiritual miracle, and became a born again Christian, which radically changed his life.

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Surviving Jail and Rebuilding Your Life (W.C. Hilgers, 2016)