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PAUL HOCK is an author, songwriter, and illustrator. Interestingly two of Paul's books were inspired by songs he has written. "A Pilgrimage to Memphis" inspired a novel he completed in 2014 and published in 2018. Another story, "The Tree", published in December 2017, was inspired by a song of the same name.

Illustrations from the Tree Series were selected for the 2018 - 2022 Canscaip Illustrators Art Show in Toronto.

His first published work, The Serpent's Eyes, is part one of "The Crispin Trilogy", the history of an unusual English family living in the Spanish Lake known as the Caribbean. It is rich with imaginary characters and actual historical figures such as Sir Francis Drake. More recently Paul has been involved with writing and illustrating books in the Critter a Week children's picture books. These books tell the life stories of critters that share the planet with us.

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The Tree Book 1 Discovery (Paul Hock Publishing, 2017)
The Tree Book 2 Moonbeam (Paul Hock Publishing, 2019)
Pilgrimage to Memphis (Paul Hock Publishing, 2017)
The Serpent's Eyes (Paul Hock Publishing, 2015)
Critter a Week Picture Books (Critter a Week Inc. 2022 - present)
Snowflake the Christmas Beagle (Paul Hock Publishing, 2023)

Titles by Paul Hock