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J. A. GIBBENS is the author of The Awen Chronicles, a cross-genre trilogy of mystery and suspense, involving themes more often associated with literary novels. Although involved in various creative arts, J. A. Gibbens studied science at the University of Waterloo, obtaining a BSc (Honours) in Biology and Chemistry in 1973, and a BEd from Queen’s University in Kingston. She has worked at a government research lab in Saskatoon and in the Pathology Lab of a Kitchener hospital. After graduation she travelled solo in the Middle East, and later married. She joined the staff at Guelph’s Centennial CVI and taught there for eleven years, after which she remarried and entered the field of finance, establishing a financial services business with her partner.

For many years, J. A. Gibbens wrote for herself, consolidating the observations, experiences and musings she collected throughout her life. A reduction in travel opportunities provided time to focus on writing and the result is the completion of the first two books of the trilogy: Book 1–L’Orté Point; and Book 2–Cow on the Ice: ko på isen. Book 3–Epitaph: Full Circle will be available in 2023. All are being published through Friesen Press.

She currently lives in Guelph with her husband––and a woodchuck that lives under their deck.

J. A.'s author site – www.gibbensauthor.ca
J.A.'s Facebook page – www.facebook.com/gibbensauthor