Vocamus Writers Community Authors

Tim Tencher

TIM TENCHER is a writer of self-help books.

Jorey Tessier

JOREY TESSIER is a writer of chidlren's literature.

Marian Thorpe

MARIAN THORPE is a writer of historical and urban fantasy.

Jamie Tremain

JAMIE TREMAIN is the author of mystery novels.

Elaine Uskoski

ELAINE USKOSKI is a writer of parenting books.

Tom Vaine

TOM VAINE is a writer of speculative fiction.

Aleksei Vanhee

ALEKSEI VANHEE is a writer of poetry.

Kira Vermond

KIRA VERMOND is a writer of non-fiction books for childreen and pre-teens.

Autumn Walker-Duncan

AUTUMN WALKER-DUNCAN is an author, illustrator, and graphic novelist.

Donna Warner

DONNA WARNER is an author of thriller novels.

Kelly Waterhouse

KELLY WATERHOUSE is a journalist.

Mark Whoachickie

MARK WHOACHICKIE is a writer of children's literature.

Penelope Winters

PENELOPE WINTERS is a writer of memoir.

Janice Wiseman

JANICE WISEMAN is a writer of plays and children's literature.

Rio Youers

RIO YOUERS is an author of thriller and horror novels.