Friends of Vocamus Press Authors

Nicole Abouhalka

NICOLE ABOUHALKA is an author of shourt fiction and memoir.

Janét Aizenstros

JANÉT AIZENSTROS is a Canadian media proprietor, author, talk show host, speaker, model, and producer.

Madhur Anand

MADHUR ANAND is a scientist and poet.

Phil Andrews

PHIL ANDREWS is a writer, journalist, and communications consultant. He is the editor of GUELPH MERCURY RISING.

Avril Borthiry

AVRIL BORTHIRY is a writer of fantasy novels.

Lindsay Brant-Brumwell

LINDSAY BRANT-BRUMWELL is an author of children's stories and self-help books.

Alison Bruce

ALISON BRUCE is a writer of mysteries, romantic suspense, and historical western romance.

Melinda Burns

MELINDA BURNS is a published poet and psychotherapist living in Guelph Ontario.

Mary Ann Burrows

MARY ANN BURROWS is a writer of non-fiction and the Director of Fundraising at Friends of Vocamus Press.

Ed Butts

EDWARD BUTTS is an author of books on history.

Karen Campbell

KAREN CAMPBELL is a writer of thriller novels.

D. L. Castle

D.L. Hardcastle is a memoirist and fiction writer.

James Clarke

JAMES CLARKE is a poet with many volumes of published work. He lives in Guelph, Ontario.

Ann Clayton

ANN CLAYTON is a poet and literary critic specializing in women writers of Canada and South Africa.

Cheryl Cowtan

CHERYL R COWTAN is an award-winning educator and author whose love of writing shines through in her fiction and non-fiction works.

Lisa Dalrymple

LISA DALRYMPLE is a writer of picture books, novels and non-fiction for kids.

Douglas Davey

DOUGLAS DAVEY is a writer of literary YA fiction.

Fred Dawkins

FRED DAWKINS is a writer of books on entrepreneurship and also speculative fiction.

Candace De Taeye

CANDACE DE TAEYE's debut full-length poetry collection is SMALL PLANES AND THE DEAD FATHERS OF LOVERS.

Nick Dinka

NIVK DINKA is a novelist, community volunteer, and library PR flack.

Robin Elizabeth Downey

ROBIN ELIZABETH DOWNEY is a writer of erotic fiction and poetry.

Sheri Doyle

SHERI DOYLE is a freelance writer and editor, an author of poetry and fiction, and Director of Communications at Friends of Vocamus Press.

Heather Embree

HEATHER EMBREE is a writer of children's books.

Christina Evans

CHRISTINA EVANS is a writer of children's books, humour, and cartoons.

Gloria Ferris

GLORIA FERRIS is a writer of mysteries with a twist of humour.

Alyssa Foulkes

ALYSSA FOULKES is a writer of fiction and children's literature.

Vincent Gilbert

VINCENT GILBERT is the author of THE RELUCTANT GUNNER, a memoir about serving in India during WWII.

Joy Lynn Goddard

JOY LYNN GODDARD is a writer of fiction for pre-teens, teens, and adults.

Joanne Guidoccio

JOANNE GUIDOCCIO is a writer of paranormal romance novels.

Michael Hale

MICHAEL HALE is a writer of speculative fiction.

Chris Harris

C.P.D. harris is a writer of epic fantasy.

Barbara Heagy

BARBARA HEAGY is a writer of inspirational non-fiction.

Ajay Heble

AJAY HEBLE is an author and musician.

Stephen Henighan

STEPHEN HENIGHAN is a novelist, critic, and translator.

Jeremy Luke Hill

JEREMY LUKE HILL is the publisher at Vocamus Press and the Managing Director at Friends of Vocamus Press.

Adam Lindsay Honsinger

ADAM LINDSAY HONSINGER is a writer, teacher, illustrator, and musician.

Karen Houle

KAREN HOULE is a poet and a professor of philosophy (at the University of Guelph).

Paul Hoy

PAUL HOY's poetry is shaped by the natural landscape and the wilderness of northern Canada.

David James Hudson

DAVID JAMES HUDSON is a poet and spoken word artist.

Bill Hulet

BILL HULET is awriter of non-fiction.

Kathleen James

KATHLEEN JAMES is the author of ELI, ELI, poems about the death of her young child.

Kasia Jaronczyk

KASIA JARONCZYK is a writer of short stories and novels.

Allison Roland Jay

ALLISON ROLAND JAY is a memoirist and former RCMP officer.

Danielle Joworski

DANIELLE JOWORSKI is a writer of inspirational non-fiction.

Charly Kirkwood

CHARLY ROSE KIRKWOOD is a writer of fanatsy and adventure stories. She is also the ETCH Anthology Coordinator for Friends of Vocamus Press.

Michael Kleiza

MICHAEL KLEIZA's debut collection of poetry is A POET ON THE MOON.

David J. Knight

DAVID J. KNIGHT is the General Editor of Vocamus Editions, an imprint that promotes the literary heritage of Guelph, Ontario.

Sheila Koop

SHEILA KOOP writes poetry, short stories, bits of creative non­fiction and is currently working on a novel for preteens.

Barbara Kyle

BARBARA KYLE is a best-selling author of historical fiction and contemporary thrillers.

James Lafferty


Garth Laidlaw

GARTH LAIDLAW is a writer of graphic novels and children's literature.

Sherry Lee

SHERRY LEE is an author of children's books and the Children's Literature Coordinator for Friends of Vocamus Press.

Burl Levine

BURL LEVINE is an award-winning poet and also an editor and tutor.

Kim Davids Mandar

KIM DAVIDS MANDAR is a writer of poetry and chidlren's literature.

Janet Manne

JANET MANNE is a memoirist living in Guelph, Ontario.

Barbara Mathews

BARBARA SALSBERG MATHEWS is a children's author, playwrite, artist, and illustrator.

Dan Matwey

DAN MATWEY is a writer of inspirational non-fictiion.

Donna McCaw

DONNA MCCAW is a storyteller and poet from Elora.

Maureen McIntyre

MAUREEN MCINTYRE is a writer of romance novels for seniors.

Richard McLeish

RICHARD MCLEISH is an author of thriller novels.

Kat McNichol

KAT MCNICHOL is a writer of fiction and creative non-fiction.

Amelia Meister

AMELIA MEISTER ia a poet and Spoken word artist.

Michelle Nogueira

MICHELLE NOGUIERA is a writer of children's non-fiction.

Rob O'Flanagan

ROB O'FLANAGAN is a journalist and poet. He is the co-author of OPEN UP THE SKY: A POETIC CONVERSATION.

Trevor Patrick


Andrea Perry

ANDREA PERRY is a poet and novelist. She released her debut collection of poetry, RISE, in 2016.

Larry Peterson

DR. LARRY PETERSON is a writer of books on botany.

Greg Rhyno

GREG RHYNO is an author of literary novels and poetry.

M. J. Robert

M. J. Robert is a Friend of Vocamus Press

Valerie Senyk

VALERIE SENYK is an actor, director, and writer. Her collection of poetry, I WANT A POEM, was published in 2014.

Karen Smythe

KAREN SMYTHE is an author of literary novels and short fiction.

Matt Soltys

MATT SOLTYS is a witer of activist and environmental non-fiction.

Bieke Stengos

BIEKE STENGOS is a writer of poetry and fiction. Her first collection of poetry published in Canada was ABANDONED BY THE MUSE.

Margie Taylor

MARGIE TAYLOR is an author of novels and non-fiction.

Tim Tencher

TIM TENCHER is a writer of self-help books.

Jorey Tessier

JOREY TESSIER is a writer of chidlren's literature.

Marian Thorpe

MARIAN THORPE is a writer of young-adult adventure, urban fantasy, verse, and observations of the natural world.

Ryan Toxopeus

RYAN TOXOPEUS is an author of epic fantasy novels.

Jamie Tremain

JAMIE TREMAIN is the author of mystery novels.

Arun Triha

ARUN TRIKHA is a writer of books on nutrition.

Tom Vaine

TOM VAINE is a writer of speculative fiction.

Kira Vermond

KIRA VERMOND is a writer of non-fiction books for childreen and pre-teens.

Donna Warner

DONNA WARNER is an author of thriller novels.

Kelly Waterhouse

KELLY WATERHOUSE is a journalist.

Mark Whoachickie

MARK WHOACHICKIE is a writer of children's literature.

Penelope Winters

PENELOPE WINTERS is a writer of memoir.

Janice Wiseman

JANICE WISEMAN is a writer of plays and chidlrn's literature.

Roelf Woldring

ROELF WOLDRING is an author of non-fiction books on finances.

Rio Youers

RIO YOUERS is an author of thriller and horror novels.

Robert Young

ROBERT YOUNG is a published short-story writer and author of a mystery novel.